Our expert staff will train your staff on all equipment. When your staff is trained properly on all aspects of your equipment, you will never worry about sanitation and clean ability. We can also train your staff on WHMIS at no charge at your convenience.

Kentec Corp. will install state of the art micro processing dispensing equipment to your Laundry Machines. Our Laundry experts can program any Laundry Unit for cleaner and softer linen, taking in account water temperature, water hardness conditions and time restraints. Wash Program Formulation is the most important element to clean ability and Kentec Corp will deliver the lowest end use chemical cost possible per load.

You can order on line or over the phone and we do all our own deliveries right to your back door.

We carry Low Temperature Dishmachire and Glass washers for Rental or Purchase. Labor is always included as well as parts with all Rentals. Call our sales team with any question regarding Rentals. They will be all too happy to spend time with you to create the best solution possible for you and your staff.