Kentec Corp carries all your dish machine and glass washer specialty chemical needs. Whether you desire high temperature encapsulated powders or liquids or Low Temperature rentals and chemicals, Kentec Corp can provide you with superior cleaning specialty products. Our qualified service technicians are available 24/7/365 to help provide the service necessary to reduce down time on your ware wash equipment.

Kentec Corp can provide the dispensing equipment on-loan basis for all your Sundry needs. Our service technicians will install and set up (no-charge) all dispensing equipment producing the lowest possible end use cost and a user friendly chemical operation for all your staff.

Kentec Corp. will install state of the art automatic micro processing dispensing equipment to your Laundry Machines. Our Laundry experts can program any Laundry Unit for cleaner and softer linen, taking in account water temperature, water hardness conditions and time restraints. Wash Program Formulation is the most important element to clean ability and Kentec Corp will deliver the lowest chemical end use cost possible per load.

Kentec Corp. cares about the environment. A majority of our products are environmentally green certified. Our chemist has 40 years experience and is continuously striving for the greenest products possible.